Future of_

Campaign_ Future of Customer Experience

Campaign which highlights market intelligence and focuses on the conversation of how the future of customer experience might effect the customer management industry.

The main subject matter was how human contact will be replaced with increasingly more AI and self serve options. This needed to be conveyed in a way to show how the advancement in automation and technology will be facing the human element of customer care and contact.

I created the concept and visuals to standout amongst the online discussions. A series ofdocuments following the narrative from different industry angles. An animation and teaser gifs produced to promote the event for key stakeholders and clients to meet and discuss how it can effect their industry.

My Role

Event Materials

Horizontal A5 Brochure mockup
Horizontal A5 Brochure mockup
Horizontal A5 Brochure mockup
Mockup – Rollup

Intelligence Report Brochure__Animation Teaser___Animated Gifs___Social post imagery___Event Invite___Banners/Pads/Name badges___Presentation slides